Dear Colleagues,

As spring semester of 2020 comes to an end, I hope this message finds you well. This has certainly been a unique year. One that has tried our ability to continue providing an excellent education to our students. I am greatly impressed with the work you have done under these circumstances and hear how remarkable of a place our college of education is every day from students, parents, donors, and other stakeholders.

When I became dean of the college last summer, one of the promises I made was to begin a newsletter to share the great work of our faculty and staff. I hope that promoting our myriad accomplishments across the college and beyond it will inform colleagues and external stakeholders of the work we do, provide a forum to celebrate milestones, and help build an even more collegial, supportive community.

I am proud to present to you the first edition of the College of Education’s newsletter! As you read about your colleagues’ achievements, I hope you will reach out to offer congratulations, talk about collaboration, and give encouragement.

The size of our college and amount of work taking place means no newsletter can be comprehensive. The articles herein are highlights. We plan to publish this newsletter semiannually at the end of each semester, but please know that we are always looking for great work to share via many college communication channels. If you would like to share a recent professional accomplishment, published work, or great project, please fill out the Communication Request Form and an individual from the college communication team will be in touch to learn more.

Thank you for a great 2019–2020 academic year and I look forward to continuing to work with and learn from you in the future.


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James Wolfinger, Ph.D.
Dean, College of Education
Illinois State University