How to Forge a Strong Community in an Online Classroom

With teachers and students separated, maintaining a sense of community relies on some of the same practices they used in the classroom. Caitlin Krause shares five methods here that she has found useful for building or maintaining a strong sense of community.

Leading Ed Partnerships Covid-19 School Resources

The Leading Ed Partnerships resources were developed, adapted, and collected to provide supports to our partner district and school leaders in applying an inquiry approach while navigating through and beyond the crisis period.  While these tools and resources were developed for the LEAD Project, they are providing them to other district and school leaders that may find them useful in their own response to this unprecedented time.

AIR’s COVID-19 Response and Resources

AIR’s experts take an evidence-based approach to their research, evaluation, training, and technical assistance work on a daily basis. For their latest podcast series, AIR InformsAIR experts explore the different ways the coronavirus pandemic is affecting our lives and how we can address the challenges it presents.