Traditionally, members of the College of Arts and Sciences (CAS) community gather with the dean on the Illinois State University campus each spring to review the accomplishments of the semester, recognize outstanding colleagues, and look ahead to the upcoming academic year. However, the continuing coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic made it impossible to convene such a meeting this year. Instead, Interim Dean Dr. Diane Zosky has published her address on the college website and has recorded it, as well. Both are available at

Noting that President Dr. Larry Dietz frequently refers to Illinois State as “strong and stable,” Zosky observed that perhaps in no other time has that been more reassuring. The enrollment in the College of Arts and Sciences remains strong, with over 6,100 students. Zosky shared that the college delivers nearly 50% of all Illinois State University credit hour production and that 85% of all general education content is delivered through CAS. “Let there be no mistake,” she said. “The liberal arts and sciences are the foundation for all other disciplines.”

Nine colleagues have been recognized this year for their excellent work. Dr. Nobuko Adachi (Sociology and Anthropology) and Dr. Linda Clemmons (History) are the winners of the 2019-2020 Outstanding College Research Awards. Dr. K. Aaron Smith (English) and Dr. Katie Jasper (History) are this year’s recipients of Outstanding College Teaching awards. Dr. Kass Fleisher (English), Dr. Adena Myers (Psychology), and Dr. John Kostelnick (Geography, Geology, and the Environment) won Outstanding College Service Awards; and Dr. Allison Harris (Physics) and Dr. Benjamin Schmeiser (Languages, Literatures, and Cultures) are the current Shaw Fellowship recipients. Distinguished Professor Emeritus of History Mark Wyman is scheduled to be presented with the Grabill-Homan Community Peace Prize.

All of these talented professors will be presented with their awards at the Fall Dean’s Address and Awards Ceremony, which will be held at 3 p.m. Tuesday, September 29, in the Prairie Room in the Bone Student Center. All members of the Arts and Sciences community are invited to join Zosky at that time!