Due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, students all over the world have been forced to adjust to distance learning. The Department of Psychology has gone through great lengths to ensure its students are well-equipped to stay on track, academically, during this time. The department recently asked two of its senior students to detail their experiences of learning remotely. Catie Speer and Diana Tungu’s responses are detailed below.

What does an average day of school now look like for you?

CS: “My classes this semester were already online, besides my TA class, so none of my professors require Zoom for the course lectures. So, a typical day for me is the same as it would be at school, but now I don’t hold in-person office hours.”

DT: “I try to wake up every day at 10:30–11 a.m. so I can work out and get ready for my day. Because I don’t have any of my classes on Zoom, I typically try to get some of my homework done after my workout. If I am feeling lazy then I normally do my homework late at night because I am up until 4–5 a.m.”

How have you adjusted into a new routine/learned to become disciplined at home?

CS: “I have adjusted into a new routine to become disciplined at home by making myself a schedule. Since being back at home can be a distraction, I like to make a to-do list in my planner, so I make sure I have accomplished everything I need to get done for the day.”

Catie Speer

What has been the most challenging aspect of distance learning?

CS: “The most challenging aspect so far is getting used to being back home rather than being back at my apartment at school with my roommates. It’s weird not walking on campus anymore to hold my office hours.”

DT: “The most challenging aspect would be trying to find a set schedule that works. Waking up around 10:30-11:00 a.m. works best for me because I sometimes have things that are due at noon that I can get done. Also, one of my classes requires a lot more reading at a faster pace than before, so getting used to that is tough.”

How is this situation affecting any other area of your life?

DT: “It’s only affecting my sanity because some teachers have not lessened the coursework in my opinion. It seems as if some have even increased the coursework, so I find myself stressed at times.”

What are some positives you can take away from this experience so far?

CS: “One of the positives that I can take away from this experience is that I was able to get a temporary full-time job, that I can do remotely before I start my post-grad job in June, which is nice because classes are online too. Another positive is being back at home with my family.”

DT: “Some teachers have lessened the course work; I would say that’s a positive thing because a lot of them are giving out full credit for completion. It makes this difficult time less stressful for students.”