Venus Evans-Winters, EAF, published Black Feminism in Qualitative Inquiry: A Mosaic for Writing Our Daughter’s Body (Routledge).

Christopher Mulligan, Jun-Hyun Kim, Jean Standard (emeritus), and Jeremy Driskell, CHE, and Jamie Wieland, MQM, published “Integrating SERS and PSI-MS with Dual Purpose Plasmonic Paper Substrates for On-Site Illicit Drug Confirmation” in the journal, Analytical Chemistry 

Christopher Weitzel, CHE, along with graduate and undergraduate students Changyi Zhang, Kristen Eilts, Nicholas Brentz, and Alex Gatten, co-authored “Duplication of leucyl-tRNA synthetase in an archaeal extremophile may play a role in adaptation to variable environmental conditions” for the Journal of Biological Chemistry.  

Marjorie Jones, Chris Hamaker, and Michael WebbCHE, along with graduate and undergraduate students Samantha Huffman, Gideon Yawson, Samuel Fisher, and David Platt, co-authored “Ruthenium(iii) complexes containing thiazole-based ligands that modulate amyloid-β aggregation” for Metallomics. 

Justin Stanek, KNR, presented “The effects of shoe collar height on proximal and distal lower limb muscular response to unexpected perturbation” for the Big Sky Athletic Training Sports Medicine Conference in Montana.  

Dan Lannin and Leandra Parris, PSY, along with students Brooke White and Kristina Wiemer, were the presenters of the poster Effects of pre-exam review sessions led by undergraduate teaching assistants on exam performance at the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Commons Conference, in Savannah, Georgia. 

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