New Doctor of Education (Ed.D.) program research tool for educators

There’s a new website offering support to educators interested in earning a Doctor of Education degree— It includes a detailed guide to the EdD in early childhood education, with a comprehensive list of academic programs and advice on what to know before making the commitment. Learn more at and find out if a doctorate in education is right for you.

How will coronavirus (COVID-19) change our kids?

There are myriad ways in which our national quarantine could affect kids but little research on it. The National Science Foundation is fast tracking grants to help researchers study these sorts of questions. For younger kids, in particular, missing out on play with peers could take a toll. Play facilitates cognitive development, said James Coan, a psychology professor at the University of Virginia who studies the neuroscience of human connection. And yet “adults are not very good playmates,” he said. “They are boring, they are impatient and they have other things to do.” Children who don’t have siblings, a category whose ranks have grown in recent decades, may be particularly vulnerable.

Without more federal funds, half of all child care centers could close forever

A recent poll of 1,200 registered voters by SCAN and Child Care Aware of America found 87 percent of those polled support providing enough federal assistance to child care centers during the coronavirus crisis to make sure centers can make payroll and pay their expenses. Shriver said this rare bipartisan support is a sign that the public understands how dire the situation is for the nation’s child care system. “I think it shows that people realize that if they’re going to go back to work their kids have got to be in a safe place.”