While Illinois State University faculty and most staff members continue to work from home due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, essential employees from areas throughout the University such as Grounds; University Police; University Farm; University Housing Services; and Event Management, Dining, and Hospitality continue to work on campus while practicing safe social distancing. Here is a second photo essay to salute to our essential employees who are working to keep operations moving forward for the future.

Woman cleaning window

Building Service Worker Andrea Armenta cleans windows in a room at Watterson Towers.

Truck digging hole

Grounds workers Michael Senkpiel guides Josh Eiskamp as he uses an auger to dig a hole to plant a dogwood tree on the east side of the Nelson Smith Building.

Man painting a building

Painters Brad Brakebill, foreground, and Chris Brown sand, caulk, and paint window frames and trim on the exterior of Fairchild Hall.

Workers at farm

From left, University Farm Manager Jason Lindbom, Senior Agricultural Research Technician Jeff Bender, and Assistant Agricultural Research Technician Randall Wright go over the planter before planting season at the University Farm in Lexington.

Woman walking dog

University Police Deputy Chief Nichol Bleichner walks Pawfficer Sage through west campus on one of her daily walks.

Workers food prepping

Event Management, Dining, and Hospitality Services Culinary Associates Jacob Reynolds, right, and Deguene Fall make pizzas in a prep kitchen at the Watterson Dining Commons.

Man processing keys

Watterson Towers Residence Hall Coordinator Stephanie Alvarez-Rivera, M.A. ‘19 processes keys and files room inspection forms at the area office at Watterson Towers.

Police officer walking

Illinois State University Police Officer David Erickson walks past the new INTO Illinois State waiting area on the second floor of Fell Hall during a building check.

Man mops hall

Building Service Worker Leroy Chambers wet mops the floor at Manchester Hall.

Woman waters plant in greenhouse

School of Biological Sciences Greenhouse Manager Bethany Evans Campbell waters plants at the Felmley Collections Greenhouse.

Two men talking in office

Administrative Technologies Executive Support Josh Crowe, right, helps Administrative Assistant to the President Dave Bentlin troubleshoot any possible issues that could occur during an upcoming online Board of Trustees meeting.

Woman inspecting room

Cardinal Court Complex Coordinator Kiley Rotchford evaluates room damage at Cardinal Court now that students have moved out for the summer.

Woman fielding phone calls

University Police Telecommunicator Rachel Smiley fields calls at the Police Department in the Nelson Smith Building.

Workers prepare equipment

Facilities Maintenance Repair worker Todd Alfrey, right, and Facilities Driver Ryan Gathright load and tie down a scissor lift in preparation for transport across campus to Horton Fieldhouse.

Woman waxing floor

Building Service Worker Sue Perry waxes the floor in a suite at Watterson Towers.

Tractor loading equipment

Junior Animal Industry Management major Wyatt Hewing uses a tractor to load animal waste for compost at the University Farm in Lexington.

Woman makes S'mores

Event Management, Dining, and Hospitality Services Bakery Assistant Brittany Marie Lee puts the finishing touches on a pan of s’mores in the bakery at Watterson Dining Commons.

Woman sanitizing chairs

Building Service Worker Miguelina Almanza sanitizes a desk and chair at Watterson Towers.

Woman filing paperwork

University Police Telecommunicator Supervisor and Records Manager Melissa Jones files paperwork at the Police Department at the Nelson Smith Building.

Woman answers emails

Junior Marketing and Human Resources double major Blythe Neese, the summer RA at Hewett-Manchester Halls, creates a weekly newsletter for her fellow students.

Man loads grains into processor

Assistant Agricultural Research Technician Nathan McKeon loads a truck with processed grains at the feed mill at the University Farm in Lexington.

Man fixes circuit

Electrician Matt Allen traces a circuit for an LED lighting upgrade at the Carter Harris Building.

Man slide food into machine

Event Management, Dining, and Hospitality Services Culinary Assistant Rachel Anderson slides a tray of salads onto a cart in the prep kitchen at the Watterson Dining Commons.