We are all missing out on social connection during this challenging time. Fortunately, Redbird Esports provides a unique opportunity for recreational players to maintain social connections with each other through their intramural league. This spring, Redbird Esports offered a League of Legends Intramural League that was not only open to current students, but also prospective students, faculty, staff, and alumni.

The League of Legends Intramural League season was four weeks, with one week of playoffs. On game day, people joined chat rooms through Discord to communicate with each other about strategy. While this first season offered just one game, as the Esports program continues to grow, intramural leagues will expand into different titles depending on interest from players.

Esports intramurals offer players recreational engagement in a specific game. While it can get a little competitive, intramurals are intended to provide individuals the opportunity to play a game for fun with their friends. Providing students with the opportunity for social connection is always a benefit of intramurals, and even more so during this time of isolation.

For Illinois State student Cole Chambers, participating in Redbird Esports intramurals has been “a good way to be able to keep in touch, just like a video chat in a way. Although we are taking this with a bit of a competitive attitude, we always joke around after games and it’s always a good time, even after a loss.”

Redbird Esports intramurals has also proved to be a unique way for prospective students to form connections with current students before even stepping on campus. This is true for Brysen Doughty, a prospective student, who shared, “Playing League has helped with boredom and gave me a goal to work towards while having nothing else to do. As for meeting current students, I’ve played a couple games with the supports and improved a lot from their help. All in all, it’s been a positive force and helped me get through these tough times.”

Further, current and future Redbirds can connect with faculty, staff, and alumni through their participation in Esports intramurals. This provides a distinct opportunity for incoming and prospective students to begin to feel the sense of belonging that comes with being part of the Redbird family.

Redbird Esports will be hosting a summer League of Legends Intramural League, which will once again be open to current, incoming, and prospective students, as well as faculty, staff, and alumni. For those interested in joining an intramural league, join the Redbird Esports Discord Server to receive announcements about future intramural registration.