The 2020-2021 University Catalogs went live on May 18. This year the Undergraduate Catalog moved from a PDF to being a web-based catalog with interactive pages. The Graduate Catalog is a PDF again this year, but the plan is to move this to a web-based format next year. The archived versions of each catalog are still available on the catalog website. At the end of each catalog year we will create a PDF of the catalogs and they will be available on this page.

Although the catalog is web-based, changes to catalog copy must be approved through the curriculum approval process. For more information about the Curriculum Deadlines for the 2021-2022 catalog, visit the University Curriculum Committee and Graduate Curriculum Committee websites.

The new version of the catalog has several enhanced features including a list of major requirements linked to Coursefinder, clearly defined graduation requirements on each page, easy to navigate general education and IAI course listings, and suggested courses to fulfill general education and major requirements.

“Thank you to Danielle Lindsey and Ian Gawron in the Registrar’s Office and all the staff, especially Zach Parcell and Amanda Smith in Web and Interactive Communications for their hard work to make this happen in such a short amount of time,” said Associate Vice President for Undergraduate Education Amy Hurd. “It was a tremendous undertaking and one that will help our students navigate degree and major requirements.”