Shamaine Bazemore-Bertrand, COE, co-authored “Teacher educators as disruptors: Redesigning courses in teacher preparation programs to prepare white preservice teachers” for the Journal of Culture and Values in Education.

Traci Carte, IT, co-authored “Negativity Decontaminating: Communication Media Affordances for Emotion Regulation Strategies” for Information and Organization.

Daniel Lannin, PSY, and graduate student Isaac Wicker were among the authors of “How are personal values linked to help-seeking stigma?” published in The Counseling Psychologist 

Uttam Manna, PHY, co-authored “Excitation of Nonradiating Anapoles in Dielectric Nanospheres” for Physical Review Letters 

Steve Mertens, TEA, co-edited Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment:  Intersecting New Needs and New Approaches. (Information Age Publishing).  

Hannah Kroonblawd, ENG, published “The Body, Highly Susceptible to Infection” in Puerto del Sol.