30 years
Debra Kae Shambrook, Milner Library, 5/23/1990

15 years
Samuel Mark Fisher, Building Maintenance, 5/23/2005
Tammie A. Grubb, Janitorial, 5/9/2005
Lisa Ann Haas, Comptroller’s Office, 5/2/2005
Rhonda K. Jenkins, Parking and Transportation, 5/2/2005
David J. Machek, Parking and Transportation, 5/9/2005
Rachal Lyn Roach, Infrastructure Op & Networking, 5/1/2005
Jenna Rae Self, Milner Library, 5/16/2005
Evelyn J. Whitfield, Janitorial, 5/16/2005

10 years
Ian Michael Bruckner, Administrative Technologies, 5/12/2010
Geethani G. Cabraal, Application Services, 5/10/2010
Keith D. Reynolds, Application Services, 5/24/2010
Lucas J. Roach, Maintenance-Field House, 5/5/2010