The past few months of remote teaching and learning has highlighted the ongoing need for courses and programs designed with every student in mind. Advocating for students’ equal access to technologies in all modes of learning is key to the mission of Student Access and Accommodation Services (SAAS).

SAAS is taking the lead to expand opportunities for universal student learning during the 30th anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act—more commonly known as ADA.

headshot of Tammie Keney, director of Student Access and Accommodation Services (SAAS)

Tammie Keney

“ADA is a law that has made significant differences for individuals with disabilities over the last 30 years, emphasizing equal access and inclusion,” said SAAS Director Tammie Keney. “ADA has evolved over the decades. We now look at Universal Design for Learning, which focuses on all students and their learning styles in course and program development and delivery.”

SAAS will kick off a fundraising campaign to help support Universal Design efforts on campus. Launching July 26, the campaign will be available on the crowdfunding page known as Hatch ISU. The SAAS fundraising initiative will look to expand technologies such as Voice Dream Reader, LiveScribe Echo Smartpen, and Notebook. It will expand the growing need for high-quality video closed-captioning and online transcription services.

Signed into law on July 26, 1990, ADA is one of the nation’s most comprehensive civil rights acts, guaranteeing that Americans with disabilities have equal access to opportunities and cannot be subject to discrimination.

Alumni, friends, and assistive technology advocates like Venkat Rao are excited to educate others on how the definition of disability has evolved over the ADA’s 30 years and how they can contribute to our current students’ needs.

The campaign will run from July 26-August 23. Support the fund here.

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