The Center for the Study of Education Policy, with its partners from Leading Ed Partnerships, which include ROE #1, ROE #17, ROE #19, and ROE #28, has just released Phase 3 of the COVID -19 Toolkit, a four-phase series of planning tools and resources—using the Cycle of Inquiry process—designed to support schools navigating their work during COVID-19.

  • Phase 1 – Re-Orienting to the Crisis Period: This phase focused on what can be done in the here and now to address the school community’s most pressing needs and to position the school for effective longer-range planning.
  • Phase 2 – New Learning Phase: This phase focused on exploring new information and data to better understand learning gain or loss that may have occurred during the remote learning period.
  • Phase 3 – Planning for Strategy Enactment and Goal Setting: This phase is focused on developing an action plan with appropriate measures, including the identification of the most responsive strategies with the greatest likelihood of addressing the impact of learning gain or loss during the disruption caused by the mandatory school closure period.
  • Phase 4 – Enacting Strategies: This phase will focus on plan implementation and diagnosing progress toward process and outcome goals to determine the scope and direction of plan modifications.

In Phase 3, the Planning for Strategy Enactment and Goal Setting, the Cycles of Inquiry approach puts forth many questions for principals and Instructional Leadership Teams to address regarding current strategies, learning loss, learning standards, instructional minutes, productive “rule and role bending,” social-emotional learning, connecting with key stakeholders, and maximizing NEW technology. Complementary resources have been developed with the training guide, including:

  • Summary and review of ISBE Return to School Guidance
  • External and Internal Factors Impacting Re-Entry
  • Standards-Aligned Vertical Articulation Activity #1
  • Learning Standards Prioritization Process Activity #2
    • Standards Prioritization Process Template
  • Standards-Aligned Learning Continuity Planning Process Activity #3
    • Standards-Aligned Learning Continuity Planning Template
  • National School Reform Faculty Constructivist Tuning Protocol
  • CASEL Social-Emotional Competencies (2019) and Corresponding Skills (2020) Leading Ed Partnerships
  • CASEL Protocol #1
  • CASEL Protocol #2
  • Communications Plans
  • Communications Check-List
  • Guiding Questions for Using Data in Communications
  • Dear Teacher:  Heartfelt Advice for Teachers from Students

Although developed for schools funded through the Leading Ed Partnerships, these materials are open-source materials and available for any school or district to use and customize.

Phase 4 training and resources are anticipated to be released around August 31, 2020.

The COVID-19 Toolkit can be found at