Lyndsie Schlink, UMC, received first-place awards from the University Photographers’ Association of America for photos taken for the Athletics swimming and diving and women’s soccer team posters and for the Office or Admissions’ Viewbook publication. She also received a third-place award for Redbird Scholar magazine’s fall 2019 and spring 2020 covers.


Jonathan J. Mills, CHE, co-authored “Synthesis of the Cyanobacterial Antibiotics Anaephenes A and B” in the Journal of Natural Products.

Angelo Capparella, CAS, co-authored “Correlates of bird collisions with buildings across three North American countries” in Conservation Biology.

Karen Coats, ENG emerita; Roberta Trites, MQM; and alumnus Mike Cadden, ENG, edited Teaching Young Adult Literature in the Options for Teaching Series in Modern Language Association of America.

Ali Riaz, POL, published “Three Decades of Bangladeshi Politics (1990-2019): The Emergence and Collapse of the Political Settlements” in the Journal of Governance, Security, and Development.


Miltonette Craig, CJS, presented “Stop, Question, and Neutralize: Justifications for Racial and Ethnic Disproportionality in Vehicle Stops” at a virtual conference for the Law and Society Association.

Ali Riaz, POL, participated in the webinar “In the shadow of Dragon: Globalization and Fractured Future of South Asia” organized by the Centre for Governance Studies (CGS) of Bangladesh.

Fred Smith, ANT emeritus, co-presented “What, if anything, is Australopithecus afarensis?” at the Smithsonian Institution Seminar Series on Human Evolution.