There are many resources available to help you remain healthy, be academically successful and get involved on campus. It’s never too early to reach out to faculty with your questions or to sign up for any of the services listed below provided by the Julia N. Visor Academic Center. If you haven’t already, you should become familiar with Redbird Life, the University’s student engagement portal. There are many virtual and small group events and activities that you can participate in this fall. For example, this weekend, participate in University Program Board’s First Weekend events.

Additionally, remember to follow all public health guidelines! You can protect your own health, as well as that of others, by wearing a face covering, maintaining 6 feet of physical distancing, and practicing good hygiene. It is important to remember that these guidelines apply in all spaces – on-campus and off.  As you know, there have been positive cases of COVID-19 on the Illinois State campus. It is extremely important that you avoid large gatherings. Instead, choose to socialize outside when possible and with small groups. It will take our collective efforts to lessen the spread of coronavirus within our community.

For the most up-to-date coronavirus information and guidance, visit the Coronavirus website.

The University is providing free COVID-19 testing for students. For those without symptoms, the most up-to-date information about available testing times and locations is available on the Student Health Services website. You must display your Redbird Card to be tested.  At this time, there are walk-up and drive-thru options. Results are typically received within 1-2 days. As a reminder, it is recommended that anyone without symptoms should wait 5 days after exposure to be tested in order to receive the most accurate results.

If you are experiencing symptoms, contact Student Health Services at 309-438-7676 for an initial assessment and to make an appointment.

If you are tested anywhere at Illinois State, Student Health Services will receive the results. If you are tested anywhere else, upload results to the secure patient health portal.

The Interstate Center in Bloomington has testing available on the weekends. Please check the website for current operating hours.

If you test positive, you will be required to isolate for a period of 10 days or length of time determined by the McLean County Health Department or health professional.  If you are deemed a close contact, you will be required to quarantine for 14 days. Students living in on-campus housing will be asked to return to their permanent address to isolate or quarantine as appropriate. However, there are a limited number of isolation and quarantine spaces located in each residential area of campus for students who have extenuating circumstances and cannot return home. If you live in on-campus residence halls or apartments, more information is to come about required testing.

Redbird Study Rooms
There are many spaces within academic buildings that are designated as Redbird Study Rooms. These spaces are appropriate for individual study. Information regarding room capacity and expectations for utilizing the space will be posted outside each room. Students will need to “check-in” using a QR code prior to entering the room. No personal information will be collected. Check-ins will only be used to identify spaces that need cleaning and to monitor whether additional study rooms should be added. For information about building hours, visit the Coronavirus website.

Center for Visual Arts, Room 133

DeGarmo Hall, Room 039

DeGarmo Hall, Room 305

Fell Hall, Room 158

Fell Hall, Room 162

Felmley Science Annex, Room 231

Schroeder Hall, Room 115

Schroeder Hall, Room 117

Schroeder Hall, Room 207

Schroeder Hall, Room 211

State Farm Hall of Business, Room 133

Stevenson Hall, Room 120

Stevenson Hall, Room 126

Stevenson Hall, Room 234

Stevenson Hall, Room 311

Stevenson Hall, Room 352

Turner Hall, Room 208

Computer Labs
With your health and wellness in mind, virtual computer labs are available during the fall 2020 semester. In addition to virtual computer labs, there are other on-campus labs available with reduced capacity to support physical distancing.

In addition, some of the machines found in the spaces are also available remotely. For information on how to access lab computers remotely, visit Access Virtual Computer Labs and Virtual Applications.

Tutoring, Writing Assistance, and Workshops
The Julia N. Visor Academic Center offers a variety of free services online through Zoom for all Illinois State students. Services include tutoring, academic and study skills workshops, supplemental instruction, writing assistance, and academic coaching.  The Visor Academic Center also has a collection of helpful online academic resources and tools. The Visor Academic Center will have adjusted hours for the Fall 2020 semester. You can learn more by visiting the Visor Academic Center’s website for additional information.

The Visor Academic Center is already offering tutoring for several general education courses. Students can call (309) 438-7100 or visit the website to make an appointment.

  • There might be some classes for which tutoring is currently not provided and in which students might need additional help. Please contact the Academic Center at 309-438-7100 to discuss other alternatives that may be available.

Writing Assistance
The Visor Academic Center offers one-on-one writing assistance for any course by appointment. Students can call (309) 438-7100 or visit the website to make an appointment.

  • The Visor Academic Center also has drop-in writing assistance available on Zoom on Mondays from 6-8 p.m. and Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 4-8 p.m. These 30 minute first-come—first-served sessions begin August 24 and will run through November 20.

The Visor Academic Center offers several workshops on important skills to help support students in their learning needs. Visit the website for a complete list of workshops and sign-ups.

  • The Visor Academic Center will offer all services through Zoom for the Fall 2020 semester to give all students, regardless of their location, an opportunity to utilize services. The goal of the Visor Academic Center’s staff is to provide students with the support they need to be successful.