Illinois State University is pleased to announce the name change of Career Center to “Career Services.”

The name change implemented this summer is a result of emerging trends within the career services industry, goals established by the University Academics and Careers Council, and the department’s future relocation to the Bone Student Center.

According to the National Association of Colleges and Employers 2018 Career Services Benchmark Survey, the most common names used for career services departments at colleges and universities across the United States is “Career Services.” In addition, Career Services, in collaboration with the University Academics and Careers Council, has been working on strategies to incorporate academic learning with career support to assist students throughout their entire collegiate experience.

Illinois State University’s Career Services generates nearly 24,000 touch points annually through its programs and services.

“Although many students view career-related services as transactional; they obtain them ‘just in time’ when seeking a job, internship, and/or career. Therefore, the name change is vital to communicating the support they have available throughout their education to assist them in achieving career success,” said Career Services Director Pamela Cooper.

“Our goal is to assist students through their entire career trajectory. We provide services to first-time college students or those returning to higher education with career exploration, career readiness, and career development services. We also connect Redbirds with employers and guide them through the process of launching their careers prior to, and even, after graduation,” Cooper said.

Communicating that Career Services is available to assist students is further enhanced by the department’s future move to the Bone Student Center as part of the Concourse Improvement Project.

“Being located on the concourse, near the Office of Admissions is a great benefit for future Redbirds,” continues Cooper. “As they are enthusiastically welcomed to the University by the Admissions Team, our flock will be just steps away on the second floor. As they envision themselves as part of the Redbird family, they’ll be able to identify the support, services, and connections available to assist them with not only creating their legacy through their academic experience but also with their careers. And Career Services will be there, ready on day one to assist them on their journey to achieving career success.”