Distinguished Professor Ali Riaz is quoted in a news report in TRT, the Turkish international media. The report, titled, “For India, the diplomatic battle for Bangladesh has just begun” discusses the recent Indian overtures to halt the apparent deterioration of its relationship with Bangladesh.

Ali Riaz told the TRT that despite relations having been marked by several rough patches, Dhaka will not move away from New Delhi. Riaz said India has increasingly become concerned by Bangladesh’s growing close relationship with China. “Bangladesh has two options. To radically re-align with China leaving India or hedging–that is–to balance between both. To my opinion, Dhaka is close to hedging than re-alignment,” said Riaz.

The reports say, many observers are of the opinion that a large section of affluent Bangladeshis – who are not against India–are upset as Delhi backed the ruling Awami League in two elections (2014, 2018) which were “fraudulent.” Riaz said, “India’s role in Bangladesh helped Awami League but anti-India sentiment grew.”