Which organizations are hiring? Do I meet their requirements? Will this be a good fit for me?

These are just a few of the questions students often ask as they consider full-time employment, internships, or assistantships. However, the number and types of questions often multiply for those from abroad who are studying in the United States.

“In today’s competitive job market, finding a job can be overwhelming for many graduating students,” said Career Services Senior Assistant Director Maureen Roach. “This can be even more difficult for international students who are interested in employment in the United States.”

The Career Services’ Cultural Career Network Program (CCNP) and the International Student and Scholar Services seek to address some of those concerns by hosting the International Student Career Series this fall. Each session provides Illinois State’s international students with career support to help them remain competitive and increase their confidence in the job market.

The International Student Career Series is held virtually and includes:

  • Job Search Timeline, Career Resources and Career Fair Prep, How to Obtain On-campus Employment, 2-3 p.m. Wednesday, August 26—Students learn about employer timelines when hiring, Career Services resources, how to prepare for upcoming career fairs and how to find a part-time job on-campus.
  • Strategies for Landing a Job in the U.S., 2-3 p.m. Wednesday, September 16.—Students learn about the various resources available to help them find internships and full-time positions in the United States.
  • International Students/Alumni Share How to Land a Job, 11:30 a.m.-1 p.m. Friday, October 23—Students hear from a panel of international students and alumni who have landed a full-time job or internship in the United States. They’ll learn about their successes and challenges, the strategies they used, and how to address sponsorship inquiries.

Students may attend any one session or the entire series. Visit the International Student Career Series webpage for access to Zoom links or other information.

The International Student Career Series is an example of Illinois State’s commitment to diversity and Career Services’ mission of assisting all Illinois State students with developing, evaluating, and implementing career decisions.