With most classes being taught online or in a hybrid format this semester, Illinois State students now have the freedom and flexibility to take their classes from wherever they choose each day. Whether it is a picnic table outside, hanging out in a hammock, sitting in the grass under a tree, or by the fireplace in the Bone Student Center, students are no longer confined to the same four walls of a classroom two to three times per week for classes.

Person sitting in hammock

Jack Dobovksy

Senior business administration major Jack Dobovsky works on his classes remotely from his hammock on the Quad near Edwards Hall.

Student working on laptop

Brianne Steif

Senior music major Brianne Steif likes the convenience of taking her online class from a table adjacent to the windows facing the Quad in the Center for the Performing Art (CPA). “I enjoy having the freedom to choose where my class will be each day,” she said. “I had a rehearsal in the CPA earlier today so I could just stay here and login for my class.”

Quartet of students playing saxaphone

From right, Bri Morin, London Duszynski, Mike Schelinaki, and Max Russo.

Saxophone quartet members, from right, sophomore Bri Morin, sophomore London Duszynski, freshman Mike Schelinaki, and freshman Max Russo practice new music on the patio at DeGarmo Hall.

Student sudying on chair

Jordan Witte

Jordan Witte, a senior biochemistry major loves the closeness of being able to take his online classes from the Science Lab Building (SLB). “I enjoy the freedom of being able to settle down wherever I please for my online coursework,” he said. “As a matter of convenience, I usually don’t stray too far from the SLB given that all my other classes and research lab is located there.”

Student studying on bench

Preeyah Edwards

Freshman Preeyah Edwards takes one of her online classes from the new wooden seating area on the first floor of the Welcome Center at the Bone Student Center. “There are so many great spots around campus to take your online classes,” she said. “I like being able to change up my scenery. Besides the Bone Student Center, I enjoy sitting outside of Stevenson Hall in front of the fountain to do homework; the white noise of the water running helps me to focus.”

Professor leads class in an outdoor setting

Department of History Assistant Professor Dr. Keith Pluymers

Department of History Assistant Professor Dr. Keith Pluymers engages his Environmental History class in a discussion on the Quad near Cook Hall. The class was discussing how sounds shape our feelings, memories, and ultimately our history.

Student working at picnic table

Erin Van Draska

Junior Erin Van Draska enjoys studying on the picnic tables outside of the Student Fitness Center because there is “a lot of space for her to spread out and get her work done. I like having the freedom to find the spot most comfortable to me and get my work completed in a timely manner,” she said. “Online also works well for projects with classmates.”

Student working in Bone Student Center

Jessica Mueller

Student Jessica Mueller likes the reliability of the Wi-Fi on campus for taking her online classes. “If my internet is acting up at my apartment, my favorite spots on campus are in and around the Bone Student Center or study rooms on campus if I really need to focus,” she said.