Your senses are working in unison. Grill smoke fills your nostrils. Beanbags landing on wooden boards, the Big Red Marching Machine heard in the distance, and a sea of red in your sightlines combine to form an audible sensation unique to Saturdays in the fall.

There’s nothing like being among your fellow Redbirds as thousands pack into Hancock Stadium to cheer on the Redbirds on a sunny October afternoon. Whether it’s game day, an afternoon on the Quad, or a desire to represent the University while far from Normal, you can feel a part of the ISU community from wherever you are located.

While we’re always proud to be a Redbird, Friday is the one day each week we make sure to show off our loyalty to the world. Share the spirit by outfitting your friends and family, a recent graduate, or an incoming student in the proper gear for #WearRedOnFridayISU. Of course, feel free to wear your Illinois State any or all of the other six days.

Even if you are spending your day in the office or working from home, boast your pride with an Illinois State quarter zip or a vest before throwing on a sweatshirt featuring your favorite vintage Redbird logo at the end of your workday. No matter what day it is, you can always start your morning sipping your form of wake-me-up out of a Redbird mug.

Your pride isn’t limited to humans, either. Accessorizing your pet in a Redbird leash, collar, bandana, or shirt is a great way to let the neighbors know you #BackTheBirds, in addition to seeking out your fellow Redbirds wherever you may be located.

While there’s no replicating the ambiance that certain events on campus provide, you can still participate in creating a sea of red by stocking up on all things Illinois State. Visit to check out the newest Redbird merchandise available online today.