With classes started and many students back on campus, fall semester has officially begun. Of course, this is still a very different kind of school year, and to help navigate it, the Redbirds Keep Thriving page has been updated to provide helpful support to students on and off campus for the upcoming semester. In addition to new resources, Redbirds Keep Thriving has been reorganized into a more user-friendly format.

Personal well-being is going to be as important this year as it has ever been, and Redbirds Keep Thriving will continue to inform students about virtual wellness events hosted by the departments of the Community of Practice, which include Campus Recreation, Health Promotion and Wellness, Student Counseling Services, and Student Health Services, as well as events happening throughout the entire Division of Student Affairs. These departments will continue to provide programs and services for students and faculty/staff whether they are on or off campus.

Additionally, Illinois State-specific resources and opportunities are now highlighted at the top of each section, so users can easily access the services that have been intentionally designed for the Redbird community.

No matter the circumstances, Redbirds Keep Thriving will continue to change and adapt to be a relevant and useful resource. Visit Redbirds Keep Thriving for more information.