So Young Song
, FCS, co-authored a paper that was selected to receive the ITAA 2020 Paper of Distinction Award in Merchandising/Retailing I. Management Track from the International Textiles and Apparel Association (ITAA).

Sarah Boesdorfer
, CHE, co-authored “Collaborative assessments: Learning science and collaborative skills during summative testing” in The Science Teacher.

Jeremy Driskell, Samuel Okyem, and Olatunde Awotunde, CHE, co-wrote “Role of Free Thiol on Protein Adsorption to Gold Nanoparticles,” in Langmuir.

Christopher Mulligan, Ashley Stelmack, P.C. Clowser, and Jessica Holtz, CHE, co-wrote “Fieldable Mass Spectrometry for Forensic Science, Homeland Security and Defense Applications” in Mass Spectrometry Reviews.

Christopher Mulligan and Trevor McDaniel, CHE, co-wrote “The Current Role of Mass Spectrometry in Forensics and Future Prospects” in Analytical Methods.

Ali Riaz, POL, published the paper “Three Decades of Bangladeshi Politics (1990-2019): The Emergence and Collapse of the Political Settlements” in the Journal of Governance, Security and Development. He also published a commentary on the U.S. Presidential election titled “What Biden Must Do” in the Daily Star.