Distinguished Professor Ali Riaz is quoted in Nikkei Asian Review (NAR), and in VICE News recently. In a report on China and India’s offer to provide Bangladesh a coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine, published in Nikkei Asian Review, Riaz commented that these gestures are indicative of the growing contest between China and India to have influence on Bangladesh.

Riaz said that Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina “seems to be hedging.” He said, “Both [India and China] are pushing to get further ground.” He cautioned that, “Bangladesh should ensure that [any] vaccine is not offered as a part of a quid pro quo—especially as a tool to exercise political influence in future.” In a report published in VICE, on the third year of the Rohingya influx to Bangladesh, Riaz saidthat the diplomatic support by China, Russia, and India have shielded Myanmar from rebuke at international forums. “The only viable solution to the crisis is, as it was in 2017, establishing a safe zone inside Myanmar to ensure safe return of Rohingyas,” said Riaz.