The Illinois State University School of Theatre and Dance presents the Fall 2020 season virtually. All performances will be available via an online platform. Registration is required and each performance is limited to 300 attendees. Registration closes two hours before the scheduled performance time. Register here.

Fall 2020 productions are available without cost due to the generosity of Wonsook Kim College of Fine Arts donors who regularly support students, programs, and events in the School of Theatre and Dance. Please consider making a gift to support future programming.

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Fall 2020

By Dominique Morisseau
Directed by Britannia Howe

October 22-24 at 7:30 p.m.

Nya, an inner-city public high school teacher, is committed to her students but desperate to give her only son Omari opportunities they will never have. When a controversial incident at his upstate private school threatens to get him expelled, Nya must confront his rage and her own choices as a parent. But will she be able to reach him before a world beyond her control pulls him away? With profound compassion and lyricism, Pipeline brings an urgent conversation powerfully to the fore. Morisseau pens a deeply moving story of a mother’s fight to give her son a future—without turning her back on the community that made him who he is.

Richard III
By William Shakespeare
Directed by John Tovar

Part 1: October 29-31 at 7:30 p.m.
Part 2: November 5-7 at 7:30 p.m.

After a long civil war, England enjoys a period of peace under King Edward IV and the victorious York. But the king’s younger brother Richard, Duke of Gloucester, resents Edward IV’s power and the happiness of those around him. Malicious, power-hungry, and bitter about his physical deformity, Richard plots to seize the throne by removing any and all impediments between him and the crown.

Beyond the Stage interview: Richard III for the digital age

Top Girls
By Caryl Churchill
Directed by Paul Christopher

November 12-14 at 7:30 p.m.

Marlene has been promoted to managing director of a London employment agency and is celebrating. The symbolic luncheon is attended by women in legend or history who offer perspectives on maternity and ambition. In a time warp, these ladies are also her co-workers, clients, and relatives. Marlene, like her famous guests, has had to pay a price to ascend from proletarian roots to the executive suite; she has become, figuratively speaking, a male oppressor, and even coaches female clients on adopting odious male traits. Marlene has also abandoned her illegitimate and dull-witted daughter. Her emotional and sexual life has become as barren as Lady Macbeth’s.

Fall Dance Concert
Artistic Director: Darby Wilde
Choreographers: Laina Reese Carney, William Gill, Kaley Pruitt, Gregory Merriman, and Darby Wilde


Due to the ever-changing nature of the COVID-19 pandemic, plans for Spring 2021 productions are still tentative and will be announced at a later time.

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