The Innovation Hub at Illinois State University is seeking public input on a new name that will reflect how it serves the region. A public survey for name ideas is available online through Thursday, October 8. The Name the Hub Campaign survey can be accessed online. 

Illinois State University is part of the Illinois Innovation Network (IIN), a group of hubs across the state that aims to boost Illinois’ economy through entrepreneurship, research, and workforce development. The IIN is led by the University of Illinois System and its Discovery Partners Institute (DPI) 

Illinois State’s Innovation Hub is a supportive network of local resources and expertise which will include a startup business incubator and a makerspace. The hub’s purpose is to drive economic growth and improve overall quality of life. To do so, the hub and its partners will assist in the development of entrepreneurs, small business owners, university researchers, and aspiring creators of all ages within the local community and the surrounding Midwest region.  

Startup Business Incubator 

The incubator is a space where an individual with a product or service can successfully learn how to transform it into a profitable business. It is an environment meant for a selected group of local entrepreneurs and small business owners who may need mentorship, technical support, or financial assistance to effectively build out their ideas. 

The Makerspace 

The makerspace is for everyone in the local community and surrounding region who need the tools to make their innovative vision a reality. It will provide support with different resources such as studio space, technical workshops, hardware tools, 3D printers, and much more.  

For more information, contact Tobi Oladejo