A paper co-authored by So Young Song, FDM, was selected as the ITAA 2020 Paper of Distinction Award for “Should We Be Afraid of Artificial Intelligence? Consumer Willingness to Share Personal Information with Fashion Sales Robots” in the Merchandising/Retailing I. Management track from International Textile Apparel Association. 

Sarah Boesdorfer,
CHE, co-authored “Collaborative assessments: Learning science and collaborative skills during summative testing” in The Science Teacher.

Edcel Cintron, ENG, published “Four Interconnected Conversations” in Sabanas: Literary Magazine/Revista Literaria.

Jessie L. Krienert and Jeffrey Walsh, CJS, published “Sexual Victimization of the Elderly: An Examination of the Emergent Problem” in the Handbook of Interpersonal Violence Across the Lifespan. They also published “The Effects of Health Consciousness on Environmentally Sustainable Textile Furnishing Product Purchase” in the Family and Consumer Sciences Research Journal.

Danielle Lillge, ENG, with Amy Knowles published “Sticking points: Sites for developing capacity to enact socially just instruction” in Teaching and Teacher Education.

Thomas McClure, POL, co-authored “An Empirical Look at Programs Applying for ABA Approval: Does Program Director Longevity Matter?” published in The Legal Educator. 

Ali Riaz, POL, published the paper “Three Decades of Bangladeshi Politics (1990-2019): The Emergence and Collapse of the Political Settlements” in the Journal of Governance, Security and Development.

Marion Willets, SOC, published “An Exploratory Investigation of Companion Animal Custody Disputes following Divorce” for the Journal of Divorce and Marriage.