Although it is exciting to get a job offer, it can be intimidating to navigate. One may ask: what factors can I negotiate, what do I need to consider before accepting an offer, and how to negotiate from a point of influence.

Career Services assists students on how to answer those questions and others during Negotiating Your First Job, held virtually on October 28 from noon to 1 p.m. Aimed to assist students and equip them with confidence and the skills they need to negotiate their first job offer, Redbirds will hear from a panel of human resources specialists who will discuss negotiating for positions, factors that might be discussed during the decision-making process, and how to negotiate from a place of power or influence.

“This event will support all students and alumni to enhance their confidence, help them negotiate their salaries, advocate their ideas, and help them to secure professional champions and mentors,” Career Services Senior Assistant Director for Programming and Events Maureen Roach said.

Don’t let the excitement of your first job offer make you nervous or distract you from negotiating what you need. Let Career Services help you be effective negotiating your first job offer.