The College of Applied Science and Technology continues its series highlighting profiles of new faculty members in various departments. Some of CAST’s new faculty members took the time to answer a series of questions that share their background, research interests, hobbies, and more.

This week’s profile features Dr. Rosangela Follmann, an Assistant Professor in the School of Information Technology.

Tell us about yourself! Where are you from? Where did you study?

“I have a Bachelor’s in Mathematics from the University of Santa Maria, Brazil, and a Ph.D. in Applied Computing from the National Institute for Space Research, Brazil. I came to the US as a postdoctoral researcher to join the Motter Group at Northwestern University in the Department of Physics, and subsequently, I joined ISU as a postdoctoral researcher in Dr. Wolfgang Stein’s lab at the ISU School of Biological Sciences.”

What originally got you interested in your area of study?

“I became fascinated with computer programing during my undergraduate studies through a research scholarship I received to learn mathematical modeling and simulation of physical and biological processes. I quickly realized the enormous potential for using computers to solve complex problems and extend our understanding of nature.”

What do you enjoy most about teaching?

“Teaching is magical. It consists in passing on information and knowledge to minds that absorb, process, implement and ultimately carry them on to higher levels.”

What are your research interest areas? Any items on the agenda you’d like to share?

“Research is fascinating. It consists of using creativity to expand ideas beyond their unknown limits. My research includes developing methods and algorithms for data analysis, information processing, pattern recognition, and prediction of behaviors in the fields of nonlinear dynamics and neuroscience. My main areas of interest are high-performance computing/parallel processing, computational neuroscience, reservoir computing, and data analysis.”

Are there any courses you’re particularly excited to teach?

“I am very excited to teach computational algorithms and techniques applied to making computers more efficient and more accessible and find it essential to stay up to date with the ever fast hardware evolving of present day.”

What do you do in your free time? Any hobbies, community involvement, etc.?

“Besides taking care of my plants (way too many at this point) I enjoy biking on the Constitution Trail and spending time hiking on natural preserves near Bloomington-Normal.”

What is your favorite season of the year and why?

“This would be the fall for sure. Growing up in south Brazil where there are well defined seasons and now here with all the changing in colors, it is so good to watch as nature gets ready for the winter.”

How does it feel to become a Redbird?

“It is a true privilege to be part of this culture of caring not only about our students, but about the whole community around us.”

Do you have any goals for the upcoming year?

“I want to invest in my teaching and research, and learn on how I can better serve my school and the university as a whole.”

Does Dr. Follmann’s research sound interesting to you? Check out the School of Information Technology’s website for more information!