The College of Applied Science and Technology welcomed a fantastic group of new faculty at the start of this academic school year! Some of CAST’s newest faculty members took the time to answer a series of questions that share their background, research interests, hobbies, and more.

Wrapping up this week’s set of profiles is Kathryn Stalter, an instructional assistant professor in Family and Consumer Sciences.

Tell us about yourself! Where are you from? Where did you study?

Growing up in Bloomington-Normal, I completed my undergraduate degree in interior and environmental design from Illinois State in the Department of Family and Consumer Sciences. Following graduation, I went on to earn my Master of Fine Arts in interior design from Florida State University.

What do you enjoy most about teaching?

I love connecting with the students and seeing how much they grow in such a short amount of time. It’s even more rewarding when a student can see how much they have grown in their professional skills and problem solving. I always want my students to leave my class with a sense of confidence and accomplishment that continues in their subsequent courses and future career.

Are there any courses you’re particularly excited to teach? Why?

I truly enjoy teaching all of my courses. Studio III is one of my favorites because the classroom culture can be transformed to let students feel like they are working in an actual design firm. It’s a challenging, creative course for students, but one that directly relates to their future careers in interior design and helps them develop the professionalism needed for career success.

What do you do in your free time? Any hobbies, community involvement, etc.?

With professional football back this fall you can find my husband and me cheering for the Green Bay Packers! It may not be the popular team on campus, but my students haven’t disowned me yet.

Where is your favorite place (or type of food) to eat?

I’m an adventurous eater and enjoy preparing and eating all types of food. One of my favorite restaurants in town is Anju Above. The atmosphere and food transports you to a restaurant you could find in San Francisco.

How does it feel to rejoin the Redbird community?

It’s really quite full-circle. I grew up coming to ISU as a child because my dad was a professor in the FCS Department, then I decided to complete my undergraduate here, and now I’m back teaching in the building where I grew up walking the halls. Being a Redbird has always been a special part of my story.

Anything else to add?

A fun fact! My office phone number is the same as my dad’s from when he was a professor at ISU. It’s a coincidence that puts a smile on my face, and a number I already had memorized.

Interested in learning more about Family and Consumer Sciences at Illinois State? Check out to their website for more information.