A few weeks ago we invited you to take a break from reality with us for NaNoWriMo, but did you know creative writing can positively impact on your well-being? Mental health benefits associated with creative writing include reducing stress, improved cognitive function, and even overall increases in happiness.

Writing as an act of self-care

Even thought National Novel Writing Month is more than halfway over, it’s never too late to start. Here are some ways to use creative writing as self-care. Without any pressures from school assignments or deadlines, it turns out writing can be quite fun and beneficial. And while self-care is a somewhat overused buzzword, these days we all can use more ways to help improve our well-being.

Expectation Free Zone

Makes sure you check any expectations along with your inner critic at the door. Allowing yourself freedom and creativity helps make sure that writing is stress-free and enjoyable. Don’t worry about length or perfection, there will be

Use Help

If you’re stuck or feeling terribly uncreative, use writing prompts to help get you started. There are a lot available from NaNoWriMo’s #StayatHomeWriMo from earlier this spring as well as lots of other resources. A simple web search will also bring up thousands of prompts fitting any mood or genre.

Read for Inspiration

A great way to fuel your own creativity is to consume other’s work. While movies and other entertainment can also serve as inspiration, of course the library is going to recommend books! In addition to light fiction books found in our Browsing Books, we also have quite a few books that can help with creative write.

NaNoWriMo Shield

Don’t Force It

While some find it comforting to make sure they write every day, if you aren’t feeling the writing vibes don’t force it! Writing for fun should be enjoyable above anything else. Take as many days off as you need to and return to your creative writing when the time feels right.  

Join Milner for NaNoWriMo!

Check out additional self care and writing prompts available from NaNoWriMo.org’s #StayatHomeWriMo initiative, which helps frame creative writing in a way that helps your physical, mental, social, and creative well-being complete with checklists that address each of these areas of wellness. And if you’re up for even more writing for fun, join Milner for our November challenge to write 1,000 fictional words and join our NaNoWriMo contest! Additional information is available here.