Issacc Chang, TEC, presented “Using Virtual Reality Conferencing for Distance Learning: A Case Study” and “Robot-Assisted 3D Printing: Expanding the Build Volume Through ABB’s 3D Printing PowerPac” at the ATMAE and IJAC Virtual Joint Conference. 

Dallas Long, Milner, co-presented “Transcending Borders: From Librarians Collaborating Abroad to Reconsidering Opportunities in a Virtual World” as a global webinar hosted by the American Library Association.   


Sarah Boesdorfer, CHE, published “Refocusing outcome expectations for secondary and postsecondary chemistry classrooms” in the Journal of Chemical Education. Boesdorfer also joined students A.M. Arias, Bayleigh Mull, and Kyle Lieberum, CHE, in the publication of “The availability and quality of existing curriculum materials to support NGSS-aligned engineering instruction in chemistry teaching” in School Science and Mathematics.  

Adam Jagodinsky, KNR, published “Ankle Bracing Alters Coordination and Coordination Variability in Individuals With and Without Chronic Ankle Instability” for the Journal of Sport Rehabilitation. 

Emily Jones, KNR, published “Predicting student success in online physical education” for The American Journal of Distance Education. 

Timothy Lash and Arwa Almejbel, CHE, co-authored “Synthesis of 2-bromo- and 2-phenyl neo-confused porphyrins” for Organic & Biomolecular Chemistry. Lash also joined Alissa Latham, CHE, to co-author “Synthesis and characterization of Nmethylporphyrins, heteroporphyrins, carbaporphyrins, and related systems” for the Journal of Organic ChemistryLash and Latham also co-authored with Julian Moriones, CHE, for “Synthesis of internally alkylated azuliporphyrins” published in the Journal of Porphyrins & Phthalocyanines.  

Jean Standard, CHE, joined students Andrew Buettner, Benjamin Dilday, Rachel Craigmile, and Matthew Drummer, CHE, in co-authoring “The reaction of O(3P) with alkynes: A dynamic and computational study focusing on formyl radical production” for Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics.  

Justin Stanek, KNR, published “Test-Retest and Intrarater Reliability of Assessing Tibial Rotation Range of Motion by Two Devices” for the International Journal of Athletic Therapy and Training