Archana Shekara, WKSA, presented “National Presentation: Voter Engagement In The Design Classroom” and was sponsored by Washington University in St. Louis and Cleveland State University. 

Edmund Ankomah, PHI, published “Transcending the Corporeal: The Dystopic Affect of Utopian Visions,” in Science Fictions, Popular Cultures (SFPC) at the Academic Conference at HawaiiCon. 

Edcel J. Cintron, WKSA, published “Encouraging Your Writing Muse and ZOOMing with Peers: Quarantine Thoughts of a First Year Ph.D. in Times of COVID-19,” and was featured in the COVID-19 Graduate Student Roundtable and The Society for the History of Children and Youth.  

Jeremy D. Driskell, Olatunde Awotunde, Samuel Okyem, and Rishika Chikoti, CHE, published “Role of Free Thiol on Protein Adsorption to Gold Nanoparticles” in Langmuir. 

Thomas McClure, POL, co-authored, “An Empirical Look at Programs Applying for ABA Approval: Does Program Director Longevity Matter?” that was published in The Legal Educator

Mehdi Sookhak, IT, published “A Temporal User Attribute of the Elderly: An Empirical Analysis of Officially Reported Incidents, 2007-2016,” in Violence and Victims, 35 (4) 2020.

Charles Woods, ENG, published “The rhetorical implications of data aggregation: Becoming an individual in a data-driven world,” in The Journal of Interactive Technology and Pedagogy