Distinguished Professor Ali Riaz has been quoted by the German International Broadcaster Deutsche Welle (DW) in a report on the possible implication of the Biden presidency on South Asia. South Asia, in recent decades, has become an increasingly important region for U.S. foreign policymakers, partly because of China’s growing influence in the region. Bangladesh has had limited economic engagement with the U.S. in comparison to other countries in the region. However, this may change under the Biden administration, Riaz commented to DW.

“It is likely that unlike previous administrations’ policy of having an exclusive India-centric South Asia approach, smaller South Asian nations will get more attention,” Riaz said. “There will be some issues which Dhaka will have to address in order to secure U.S. cooperation. These include democracy, freedom of expression, human rights, and labor rights. Also, its growing close relationship with China might have to be scaled down.”