As with many other colleges on campus, the College of Applied Science and Technology (CAST) transitioned to online learning whenever possible. Class sizes were reduced so students could safely learn 6 feet apart, and gloves and goggles were added to many classes in addition to the required masks. Various classes operated in a hybrid format where some weeks students were present via Zoom, and other weeks they were in-person for hands on learning in lab environments on campus, the Horticulture Center, and at the Illinois State University Farm in Lexington.

Student does experiment with syringe
Jonathan Richardson, foreground, and other students in L. C. Yang’s Water and Wastewater Control class lab measure portable water quality including alkalinity, hardness, nitrate, fluoride, manganese, and pH value. On this day of class, three students were working in person at the lab, and several other students from the class were attending via Zoom.
Professor leads experiment
Professor Deborah Johnson, center, teachers her Introduction to Clinical Immunology class the proper procedures to perform phlebotomy.
Man shows woman an ultrasound in a classroom setting
Professor Drew Lugar, left, guides Armani Waddell through the process of performing an ultrasound on a pig at the Illinois State University Farm in Lexington to learn how to detect pregnancy as part of the Applied Reproduction and Breeding Management class.
Female student studies tubes during experiment
Alena Hood reads an erythrocyte sedimentation test as part of a lab for Meridee Van Draska’s Introduction to Clinical Hematology class.
Student works on collaging
Ye Fatuki explores shape, silhouette, and form based off of his research on a historical figure by collaging on a body during Bert Marckward’s Apparel Design class.
Female student vaccinates cattle
Shelby McLoda vaccinates feedlot cattle during Justin Rickard’s Beef Cattle Management class at the Illinois State University Farm in Lexington.
Engineering students survey a location
Caleb Jacobs, left, and Chris Williams determine placement of the “Total Station” to verify the location of Turner Hall from their assigned control points during Randy Jacob’s Field Engineering class.
Woman teaches a cycling course as two female riders look on
Kinesiology and Recreation graduate student Emilia Schempp, center, leads an Indoor Group Cycling class at the Student Fitness Center. Due to COVID-19, the class has been moved to the gym instead of the spinning studio at the Student Fitness Center in order to ensure proper social distancing.
Student looks into flask
Alma Arenas Salas uses a refractometer to determine how diluted or concentrated a sample of a body fluid specimen is as part of a lab for Kathryn Webster’s Introduction to Clinical Chemistry class.
Students lift weights in front of mirror
Molly Salerno, foreground, and Gina Urso practice various types of leg strengthening exercises during Travis Auger’s Weight Training class at the Student Fitness Center.
Students measuring a table
Stephen Vander Vennet, left, and Tyler Frank determine measurements for lifting a filled cooler from the floor to a table for the NIOSH lifting equation laboratory in Dr. Thomas Fuller’s Ergonomics class.
A class being lecture
20_12594: Professor Rudolph Green Jr.’s Applied Leadership II class discusses military escalation of force case studies. Several members of the class were engaged in discussion via Zoom.
Students plant in the garden
August Henson works the soil in his plot at the Horticulture Center Rock and Roll Garden before planting flowers as part of Jessica Chamber’s Herbaceous Plant Material class.
Professor demonstrates to students, who take photos on their phones
Professor Chris Merrill, left, pours blue dyed epoxy into a wooden form created to simulate a river bed to create a table top during his Engineering Design class. The students each glued rock to the riverbed and learned how to mix two-part epoxy.

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