Each year faculty and staff across the college work on recruiting future teachers for our undergraduate programs, with many of the efforts guided by Kelli Appel, Director of Recruitment and Transition for the college. She provided updates about how undergraduate recruitment is going during these uncertain and ever-changing times.

How do COE numbers look right now?

Undergraduate recruitment numbers are currently down, compared to year-to-date data from fall 2020, for all majors across the college. In addition, overall University recruitment numbers are also currently down.

“Many of the other state universities are reporting similar data and Illinois community colleges are down in enrollment this fall,” said Appel. “We are hearing that students feel uncertain about fall 2021, plus they aren’t in their typical school routines which provide guidance with applying to college. So we know that the recruitment cycle is going look different this year.”

What is COE doing this year for recruitment?

How can faculty and staff help with recruitment this year?

  • There will be new virtual opportunities for admitted students in the spring where faculty and staff can be involved
  • Conduct departmental outreach to admitted students or those who have started an application-contact Kelli if you are interested

How is graduate recruitment going?

“It is too early to report graduate recruitment numbers, but each department and program coordinator are working on graduate student recruitment,” said Appel. “We are excited that new communications and virtual events are being developed for prospective graduate students.”