The IRS released the 2021 form W-4, employee’s withholding certificate. The 2021 form W-4 is different from previous versions prior to 2020 due to the federal tax law changes that took place in 2018. Allowances are no longer used for the redesigned form.  The University Payroll Office has compiled the following information and tools to assist you with this new form change:

Current form W-4 withholdings:

  • If you are a current employee, you do not have to complete a 2021 form W-4.
  • If you choose to not submit a new form, withholding will continue based on your previously submitted form.

Who must complete a new form W-4:

  • Any new hire January 1, 2021, or later.
    • If you do not complete a new form, the default is “single” with no adjustments.
  • Individuals electing to claim/reclaim “exempt” for 2021.

Who should consider reviewing and updating the new 2021 form W-4:

  • Individuals with a significant job/salary change for themselves or their spouse.
  • Individuals with children who claim credits, such as the child tax/dependent credit.
  • Individuals who need to add/remove dependents.
  • Individuals with high incomes or more complex tax returns.

Resources to assist you with completing the new form W-4:

Employee self-service form W-4 resources:

Illinois State University is not able to advise you on how to complete this form, as it relates to personal individual tax information. After reviewing the IRS website and tools they provide, if you still require additional assistance regarding your withholding, please consult your tax adviser.

For general questions related to this information, please submit an inquiry to