In December, the Center for the Study of Education Policy (CSEP) issued a three-part series of leadership white papers highlighting leadership developments occurring through our TEAM Lead and Partners To Lead grants that include policy recommendations and considerations for the state to address regarding the leadership crisis we are facing in our schools.

These include:

  • School Leader Preparation and Development in Illinois: Recommendations for Improved Supports
    • This white paper details the current challenges in leadership in Illinois and provides research-based recommendations for addressing the leadership crisis we are facing in our schools.
  • Leadership (LEAD) Hubs: A Statewide System of Support for Education Leaders
    • This white paper showcases the work of LEAD Hubs housed at six ROEs across the state and outlines recommendations for how these LEAD Hubs can aid, ISBE, IBHE, higher education institutions, and districts with meeting the leadership demands across the state and especially in areas of the most severe teacher and leadership shortages.
  • Tapping into Type 75 Certificate Holders to Immediately Address the Leadership Shortage Crisis in Illinois’ Schools
    • This white paper presents the results of a survey conducted this summer of Type 75 General Administrative Certificate holders. The purpose of the survey was to identify how many Type 75 certificate holders would be interested in pursuing a principal or assistant principal position, if additional supports were in place. Zip codes were collected during the survey so geographic distribution of interested candidates for leadership positions was obtained. The survey included questions to uncover educators’ original motivations for pursuing the Type 75, the types of leadership positions that they applied for, if they have pursued any leadership positions in the past, and the reasons for why they did not take an administrative role. Furthermore, these educators were asked about their interest in pursuing administrative positions in the future, and their interest in participating in professional learning programs that would update their leadership portfolio to help them more successfully pursue leadership positions.

Online interactive dashboard

The Illinois Association of Regional Superintendents of Schools (IARSS), Goshen Consulting, and CSEP released an online interactive dashboard on the educator shortage in Illinois. The data in the dashboard are the results of the latest much-anticipated IARSS yearly study of Illinois’ teacher shortage problem. The full study, analysis and policy recommendations will be publicly released and promoted in early 2021. But in the meantime, IARSS and Goshen Consulting built this exciting online dashboard to give you deep insight into the latest Fall 2020 survey results.  You can watch this video for a full explanation of how to use the dashboard to dig into the results.