2020 form W-2s will be distributed by February 1, and 2020 form 1095-Cs will be distributed by March 2. Electronic versions of these forms are available through My.IllinoisState.edu. Forms 1042-S will be distributed no later than March 15.

Form W-2

The W-2 reports employees’ wage and salary information as well as the amount of federal, state, and other taxes withheld from their paychecks.

Form 1095-C

Form 1095-C provides employees with information regarding employer-provided health insurance coverage. It specifies the months of health care coverage for the employee and their eligible dependents. When completing their federal tax return, employees must indicate whether they had qualifying health coverage for all of 2020 or whether they qualified for a health coverage exemption.

Form 1042-S

Nonresident and resident alien taxpayers whose wages are eligible for a tax treaty exemption, and nonresidents who received taxable or tax treaty exempt non-qualified scholarship payments, will be issued form 1042-S.

Individuals with tax treaty exempt income or a taxable scholarship should wait to receive the 1042-S before filing personal income tax returns. In some cases, nonresident employees may also receive form W-2 if receiving taxable wages.

While the deadline for issuing form 1042-S is March 15, Illinois State University expects to distribute the forms by mid-February to allow taxpayers more time to file.

An employee who consented to receive their tax documents electronically will not receive a paper copy.

Illinois State University will issue an announcement when forms are electronically available and distribution has occurred.