Kathryn Sampeck, ANT, presented during “ReVista Launch: All Things Chocolate,” hosted by ReVista, The Harvard Review of Latin America, the David Rockefeller Center for Latin American Studies, and the Fine Cacao and Chocolate Institute. Read the special issue


Dawn Beichner, CJS, guest-edited the special issue of the International Journal for Crime, Justice, and Social Democracy on the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women titled “The Social Protection of Women and Girls: Links to Crime and Justice at CSW63.” 

Isaac Chang, TEC, published “Can Virtual Reality Enhance User Performance and Experience by Reducing an Individual’s Cognitive Workload” in the Engineering Design Graphics Journal as well as “Designing a practical lab-based assessment: Aa case study” for the Journal of Engineering, Design and Technology. 

Somnath Lahiri, MQM, co-authored “Behind the internationalization of family SMEs: A strategy tripod synthesis” for the Global Strategy Journal, and “Managing internationalization and innovation tradeoffs in entrepreneurial firms: Evidence from transition economies” for the Journal of World Business

Mallory Jallas, Milner, published “Regram and Repost,” in The Library Outreach Cookbook (Association of College and Research Libraries, 2020). 

Danielle Lillge, ENG, co-authored “Sticking points: Sites for developing capacity to enact socially just instruction” for Teaching and Teacher Education

Anne Shelley, Milner, published “It Takes a Village: Populating the Institutional Repository with Performing Arts Content” for the Music Reference Services Quarterly. 

Ui-Jeen Yu, FCS, “The Effects of Health Consciousness on Environmentally Sustainable Textile Furnishing Product Purchase” in the Family and Consumer Sciences Research Journal.