The start of each new year usually brings a fresh desire to try something new, stay consistent with a habit, or resolve to do something differently. And while last year was a year like no other, we have 12 new months to look at now and a chance to make the most of them. 

frozen waterfall

For each month this semester, Health Promotion and Wellness is going to take a look at one of the eight dimensions of wellness and highlight some of the ways those dimensions can be explored and engaged with, whether you are on or off campus. This month, we are going to focus on spiritual wellness.

Spiritual wellness can be defined as “developing an inner connection and harmony between yourself and the wonder, majesty, and mystery of the universe.” This can be achieved when our core values and beliefs tie us to a sense of something larger than ourselves and empower us to act according to those beliefs.

Spiritual wellness will mean different things to different people, and the ways to explore that are endless, but we wanted to highlight two events happening this month that might be a great way to explore what spiritual wellness could mean for you.

Virtual Meditation

The weekly meditation sessions are virtual sessions run by Health Promotion and Wellness every Thursday and Friday at noon. Sessions are about 20 minutes and are a great opportunity to help students and faculty/staff refocus and relax For more information, including times, please visit the Wellness website or Redbirds Keep Thriving.

Winter hike

Each semester Campus Recreation offers a variety of outdoor adventures and activities. This winter hike, which has been modified to meet COVID-specific health and safety guidelines, is an opportunity to enjoy the beauty and calm of frozen waterfalls and scenic canyons. For more information, please visit the Campus Recreation online portal.

To view more events happening this month, please visit Redbird Life and Redbirds Keep Thriving. Additionally, if you are interested in tracking your engagement with the eight dimensions of wellness, you can sign up for Live Well. Live Well with Eight at State is a wellness incentive program that allows you to focus on your well-being through the eight dimensions of wellness: spiritual, financial, physical, emotional, vocational, intellectual, social, and environmental. Available for both students and faculty/staff, Live Well provides easy activity tracking tools, monthly challenges, and prizes for involvement.