University Professor and Chair of the Department of Politics and Government Dr. T.Y. Wang was interviewed by the Voice of America on the triangular relationship of China, Taiwan, and the United States during the Biden presidency (in Chinese). In reviewing recent statements by Chinese leaders and the actions taken by the Chinese government, Wang indicated that Beijing will continue its hardline policies towards Taipei. These policies will further invite resentment from Taiwan citizens and will not be conducive to stable and peaceful cross-Strait interactions.

As the Biden administration will distance itself from an engagement-focused policy, it will treat China as a strategic competitor and confront China in areas that the U.S. has vital interests in. Unlike the Trump administration’s impulsive and chaotic China policies, the Biden administration’s approach will be more subtle and sophisticated. Because the U.S. is interested in helping Taiwan sustain its vibrant democracy, Washington will continue to support Taiwan but also promote cross-Strait peace and stability.