The Board of Trustees of Illinois State University approved a new master’s degree program in nutrition; a contract for the Teach Chicago Tomorrow initiative; the refinancing of existing debt; and renewal of contracts for athletic equipment, student health insurance, and journal subscriptions. Full resolutions can be found online

M.S. in Nutrition 
The Board of Trustees authorized a proposal for an M.S. in Nutrition degree program to be administered through the Department of Family and Consumer Sciences. The program is based on the long-standing dietetic internship sequence in the M.S. in Family and Consumer Sciences program and is intended to replace that sequence. Currently over half of the graduate students in the M.S. in Family and Consumer Sciences have a nutrition focus. The new M.S. in Nutrition degree program will include two sequences, a nutrition sequence and a dietetic internship sequence. Additionally, the Distance Dietetic Internship Graduate Certificate will be housed within this new program. 

Teach Chicago Tomorrow initiative 
The Board authorized Illinois State to enter into a contract with the Chicago Public Schools (CPS) and City Colleges of Chicago (CCC) as part of the Teach Chicago Tomorrow initiative. The partnership will provide access for more students to pursue careers in education. The goal of the partnership is to recruit and prepare a diverse student population to become effective urban educators who reduce the teacher shortage in Chicago.  

If accepted, CPS students will receive programming and education in the summer leading up to entry into CCC, where they will spend two years completing their associate’s degree. The students will then follow Illinois State’s standard application, admission, and enrollment processes to complete their bachelor’s degree and requirements for the Illinois Professional Educator License. 

ISU coursework will be both online and face-to-face at City Colleges of Chicago, and students will benefit from a year-long student teaching model in Chicago Public Schools. 

The contract for $330,000 covers facilities costs and bridge programming to support students in the program.  

Student health insurance contract 
The Board gave its approval for the renewal of a contract with Aetna Student Health for the University’s student health and accident insurance plan for the 2021-2022 policy year. Under the contract, the student health insurance rate will be $281 for the fall 2021 and spring 2022 semesters and $211 for the summer 2022 session. Those figures represent no cost increase over the previous policy year. This cost is significantly less than all other State of Illinois schools with similar benefits. 

Athletic equipment contract 
Trustees approved a two-year renewal of a contract with BSN for purchases of footwear, equipment, apparel, and uniforms to outfit athletic teams for practice, travel, and competition. Funding for the $1.1 million contract comes from Athletics Department operating revenue. 

Certificates of participation series 2021 
Trustees approved the issuance of a new series of certificates of participation to refinance $8.6 million in debt left on a series of certificates issued in 2011. The 2011 series covered energy conservation improvements to Milner Library, the Science Laboratory Building, and the Central Heating plant, interior office and student services space renovations to Hovey Hall, and other improvements to academic facilities. Current interest rates provide an opportunity for savings of $1 million or greater over the life of the new debt. Funding comes from general revenue sources. 

Journal subscription contract 
The Board authorized spending of up to $2.4 million for renewal of journal subscriptions and purchase of direct databases with EBSCO Industries for FY2022 for Milner Library. EBSCO Industries is the primary periodicals and electronic databases vendor for Milner Library and provides volume discounts for database and subscription services. Funding comes from general revenue sources.