In an increasingly digital world, we are spending more of our lives using technology to teach, learn, and work. Sometimes technology has a glitch or needs an important update. Other times scammers send a phishing email scheme that hits your inbox.  Timely information for these situations, including potential workarounds to the problems, can help you when a system is unavailable, whether planned or when unplanned technology issues arise, or when the unusual email shows up in your inbox and you aren’t sure it is legitimate. Subscribing to these alerts will provide you with updated information on issues and potential workarounds in the event of an issue.  

Tech Alerts, ISU’s Technology Alert System, has been enhanced with a cleaner look and much improved subscription options. Gone are the days of an all or nothing subscription. You have the capability to subscribe to select systems or alerts that impact you most.  Subscribing to specific services you care most about means you can receive important and timely updates on issues with ReggieNet or large phishing scams quickly in the convenience of your inbox. It also allows you to know if a potential issue that you are experiencing has been identified by the University, and, if not, you can help others by reporting the issue to the Technology Support Center.

It is easy to subscribe, just navigate to, then click the red “Subscribe To Updates” link in the top right corner of the page. From there, enter your email address, where you will be launched to a page where you can select the components you are most interested in. Of course, you can subscribe to all alerts to be in the know for everything. The campus community uses IT services differently, but we recommend that most subscribe to iPeople, Network Connectivity, Office 365, and Phishing Notifications at the very least.  Students and faculty will want to add ReggieNet and My.IllinoisState. For more information on Tech Alerts, or to get technology help go to