Dawn Beichner, CJS, has joined the editorial board of the Journal of Ethnicity in Criminal Justice. She also received a contract to serve as a research consultant for YWCA Labyrinth, a local organization serving justice-involved and returning women in McLean County. YWCA Labyrinth is a recipient of a Second Chance Act grant from the Bureau of Justice Assistance. 

Sally Parry, ENG, published the chapter “Main Street” in the book Becoming Sinclair Lewis by David Allen Simpkins (Free Air Publishing). 

Ali Riaz, POL, published the second edition of his book, Religion and Politics in South Asia (Routledge), with a new introduction that focuses on “The Tangled Web of Religion and Politics in South Asia.” 

Marjorie Jones and Andrew Mitchell, CHE, joined graduate students Sarita Singh, Jacob Grabowski, Chris Apuzzo, and David Platt in authoring “Synthesis of Polycyclic Ether-Benzopyrans and In Vitro Inhibitory Activity against Leishmania tarentolae” for Molecules

Ui-Jeen Yu, FCS, published “Exploring Effects of Self-Evaluative and Motivational Schema in Appearance on Advertising Effectiveness in Fashion Ads” for Clothing and Textiles Research Journal.