Charles Bell, CJS, published “I Want To Learn But They Won’t Let Me: Exploring the Impact of School Discipline on Academic Achievement” in Urban Education. 

Maria Boerngen and Justin Rickard, AGR, published “Assessment and Perception of Student Farm Background in an Introductory Agriculture Course” in Natural Sciences Education. 

Keeley HynesDan Lannin, and Margie Nauta, PSY; and Ani Yazedjian, Office of the Provost; joined others in creating the paper “Do Materialistic Adolescents Ruminate More About Their Social Media Posts?” published in the journal Youth & Society

Kathryn Sampeck, SOC, published “A Constitutional Approach to Cacao Money” in the Journal of Anthropological Archaeology.

Mehdi Sookhak, IT, published “Blockchain and smart contract for access control in healthcare: A survey, issues and challenges, and open issues” in the Journal of Network and Computer Applications

Michael Sublett, GEO emeritus, published “Geographical Accuracy of Place-Based Collegiate Athletic Conference Names in the United States” in Names: A Journal of Onomastics. 

Stephen Mujeye, TEC, presented “A Survey on Multi-Factor Authentication Methods for Mobile Devices” at the International Conference on Software Engineering and Information Management (ICSIM 2021). 

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