Alison Bailey, PHI, presented “Anger, Silence and Epistemic Injustice” at the Universidad de los Andes, Seminario del Feminismo y su Relación con la Disciplina Filosofica, Bogatá, Columbia (via Zoom). 

Claudia Sanchez, ENG, presented “Minority languages: The importance of context, culture, and speakers in language preservation processes” at Asian University of Bangladesh in Dhaka. 

Saskia Beranek, ART, co-authored “The Agency of Portrayal: The Active Portrait in the Early Modern Period” for the book Challenging Women’s Agency and Activism in Early Modern Europe by Amsterdam University Press. 

Anu Gokhale, TEC, published “Framework for Visualization of GeoSpatial Query Processing by Integrating MongoDB with Spark” in Data Science. 

Cassie Herbert, PHI, co-authored “Moral Ecologies and the Harms of Sexual Violation” in Philosophical Topics. 

Michael Barrowclough, AGR, published “An examination of help‐seeking preferences via best–worst scaling” in the Journal of Clinical Psychology.  

Kathryn Webster, HSC, published “Student Perceptions of Barriers to Professional Exam Success” in The Internet Journal of Allied Health Sciences and Practice.  

LC Yang, HSC, published “Microbial and isotopomer analysis of N2O generation pathways in ammonia removal biofilters” in Chemosphere.  

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