Despite trying times and new challenges brought on by the pandemic, junior acting major Mikayla “Miki” Meyers continues to enjoy working at the Student Leadership and Development Unit within University Housing Services (UHS) because of the people.

person seated at a computer with a sign on the desk that reads Hello! I am an SLD Office Asssitant. Ask me for HELP!
Miki Meyers

“This job has helped me to understand my capabilities not only as an employee, but also an adult in day-to-day life,” said Meyers. “I have learned how to conduct myself in a professional environment and foster relationships with coworkers and supervisors.”

Meyers was awarded the 2020 University Housing Services (UHS) Employee Scholarship, a one-time award of no less than $500 to a student employed by UHS. The recipient must have a record of dependability, efficiency, and excellence in providing quality services.

“This scholarship shows that Housing cares about us,” said Meyers, who started working for UHS in January of 2019. “We hold a level of importance that helps us feel appreciated for the work that we do.” 

Mellissa Wahl, Meyers’ direct supervisor, recommended her for the scholarship. “She is always taking on new projects–sometimes creating projects on her own,” said Wahl. “She likes to keep busy and does not shy away from hard work. Her creativity is outstanding.”

two people seated in a room
Allison Owen (left) and Miki Meyers are both student workers in University Housing Services.

Kelsey Fisher-Waits, a faculty member in the Wonsook Kim College of Fine Arts, also praised Meyers. “Miki is a warm, lovely person and is incredibly hard-working,” said Fisher-Waits. “She has an excellent work ethic and is consistently a leader.  She is fearless and her bravery and vulnerability enable those that she is working with to rise to her level.  She’s a team player.”

When asked what advice she would give to other students contemplating application for a scholarship, Meyers said, “For all the time that you put into working here, giving just a bit more to apply for the scholarship is worth it.  It can be scary to feel like you have no chance, but any chance is a good chance and you deserve it.”

Like Meyers, alumnus Patrick Ryan ’05 learned what it means to be a team player by working as a Front Desk Manager in University Housing. Now he’s passing those same lessons on to the students and staff he works with, in his role as a counselor, at Marist High School in Chicago. This year during Birds Give Back, Ryan will be matching dollar-for dollar, up to $500, all gifts made to this very special Division of Student Affairs scholarship.