T.Y. Wang, University Professor and Chair of the Department of Politics and Government, was interviewed by This Morning, a current affairs program of TBS eFM, the first all-English radio station in Seoul, South Korea. 

Recently China has repeatedly sent military aircraft into Taiwan’s airspace. Wang points out that military intimidation is one of the three tactics that Beijing employs against Taiwan. It has shown Chinese leaders’ willingness to challenge the status quo. This could lead to miscalculation and escalate into major military conflicts between China and Taiwan. The Chinese government has indicated that it is willing to donate China-made vaccines to Taiwan, but the Taipei government has so far refused to accept the offer. In addition to concerns about the vaccines’ safety and efficacy, the most important reason for Taiwan’s refusal is its citizens’ perception of China as a hostile regime, primarily due to Beijing-imposed diplomatic isolation and military intimidation toward Taiwan. On U.S.-China-Taiwan relations, Wang argues that the Biden administration considers China as a strategic competitor and will confront Beijing in places where vital American national interests lie. Washington under Biden’s presidency will continue to support Taiwan but will also promote cross-Strait peace and stability.

The full interview can be accessed here (on iTunes) and here (on Korean podcast platform).