We Need Major Reform that Prioritizes the Needs of our Child Care Workforce

This new infographic by the Center for the Study of Child Care Employment (CSCCE) explains why tinkering with the existing structure of early care and education system with vouchers and tax credits without foundational reform will not fix the system.

Talking about Race with Our Children

How do we talk to our children about race and violence, what do we say? Their eyes and ears take in the news, just as ours do. Regardless of their age, children are bound to be frightened and mystified by what’s been going on. Add to that turmoil that they also see their parents, siblings, aunts and uncles, and family friends full of upset and even outrage, no doubt discussing racial matters with unguarded candor.

Tough Test: The Nation’s Troubled Early Learning Assessment Landscape

At a time when the nation is investing significantly more resources into early learning, policymakers have scant information on whether these investments are paying off because of a dearth of dependable information about how much students are learning and developing from preschool through grade 2. A new report from FutureEd documents the incoherent, misaligned web of early learning assessments that are costly, challenging to administer, prone to misuse by policymakers, and often neglected altogether.

Leadership Training: A Cornerstone of P-3 STEM

This Policy Brief draws on the expertise of leaders of state agencies and national STEM organizations to identify the current status of state policies supporting P-3 leadership and explicit STEM training for elementary building administrators.