The Homecoming football game is on April 10 and we are so excited to be able to enjoy Redbird football again! It has been a year of COVID-19 restrictions and after a winter of being stuck in the house, we are so excited to get out in the driveway and tailgate from home to cheer on the Redbirds.

Athletics primary logo on a white flag.

Deck-out your driveway for the best tailgate in the neighborhood. Fly your Redbird flag and dawn an Illinois State yard sign to let everyone know that this is a Redbird household. In case the neighbors weren’t sure after all of that, put up your Redbird pinwheel tent.

Black and white athletics primary logo on a silver yeti tumbler.

Show your family your grilling skills; avoid a fumble with these Redbird grilling tongs.

A tailgate is nothing without a cold beverage; keep yours cold with our line of Yeti products.

Make sure your tailgate is a hit with your kids and play some games. Bag toss is a tailgate classic and Barnes and Noble has a variety of bag toss games to choose from. Another great way to step up your tailgate game is this pop-up table tennis game. This travels well and will be great when we are able to be back in the tailgate lots on campus sometime in the future. Of course, you can never go wrong playing your own family game of Redbird football in the yard.

Athletics primary logo on bag toss boards with chevron wood pattern.

Don’t forget to dress the part. Wear your red and support the Birds this Homecoming. There are some great options for everyone. Roll-up those mom jeans and show off some Redbird socks. Keep warm in the brisk April weather and layer-up with this great vest. Looking for something warmer? Grab your Redbird sweatshirt and have some fun.

Grey hoodie with athletics secondary logo on the chest.

Have a safe and happy Homecoming, Redbirds!